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What started out as a rookie interest in 2014, It has been six years of, us capturing emotions and spreading happiness.
It’s our promise to create beautiful and meaningful photos for you and your family whilst providing you with an incredible experience. We want the photos we create to make people laugh, make people cry and make people relive the moments, otherwise missed.
Though we’re based out of Delhi (India), We’ve got the opportunity to work on several international assignments around the globe including some places like Greece, Rome, Thailand, and Amsterdam.



Prashant Nahata


Born in 1992, I started liking photography after I was given my first camera at the age of thirteen. After completing high school in 2012, during the final year of my graduation, I started working as a sales guy for wedding albums just to learn the real-world street smart knowledge and definitely to earn some extra pocket money. In 2013, after getting my first salary, the first thing I did was bought myself a DSLR and in no time I learned everything about it. Thanks to Youtube. After working as an intern for 3 months with renowned photographers in the wedding photography world, I got my own first wedding assignment through a friend. Eager to spread his wings, I started my own brand FOTOBAR in April 2014 along with my brother Vikas. Since then there is no looking back.

Vikas Sand


Being born and brought up in a Marwari family, management skills were somewhat inherited which were then polished during his MBA. Before getting into the family business, He planned upon gaining some experience in leading corporations to get the team handling skills which were then used when he got in the family business in 2009. Diversifying the existing business, he got into the Printing Industry in 2011 where he set up his own Digital Printing unit where they print photobooks that are delivered all around the globe. Keeping all the team members on the right track is what he is best at.

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Gautam Kumar


Who started as an intern in 2018 with basic camera skills can now not only shoot and edit but do a lot more. He doesn’t know how to say NO and disappoint someone. Also, he is the official Tea maker at Fotobar as no one can resist his Masala tea.

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Vikhayat Sehgal


Coming from a photography background, Vikhyat joined Fotobar in 2019 as the lead photographer. Having great photography skills, it was easier for him to polish himself. Charming personality and positive attitude is an add-on.

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Sneha Jain


Sneha comes from communication background. Journalism & Communication then Luxury Brand Management and finally into Digital Marketing . Fotobar has been close to her before being Professional partners and also did cover her wedding !

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Atul Saini


Coming to Delhi from a small town called Shamli, back in 2001, Atul started to work with his Uncle as an Editor, Over the years he now owns a reputed camera rental agency and is himself a dedicated full-time filmmaker working with a team of more than 35 in house filmmakers and editors.